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For residents of the capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina, there are a host of pests that you have to prepare for throughout the year. At Rentokil Steritech, we know that you want to enjoy your home and property, without worrying about pest infestations from cockroaches, ants, rats and other pests so we provide industry-leading pest control solutions.

At Rentokil Steritech, we make sure that our pest control specialists are ready to help anytime of the year. We know that in the summer certain pests like flies come out and that stinging pests can be a problem. During the colder winter months, we will help you with mice and other rodents. as well as other pests that find a way inside.

The first step is to let us inspect your property in order to find pests that might be inside and determine how they are getting indoors. We then will discuss a pest removal solution with you and then agree on a prevention plan to stop future pest infestations.

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Doug Wadlow

District Manager for Rentokil Steritech Pest Control Regina
"We are committed to solving our customer's pest problems completely and in a professional and caring way.”

Regina, SK, pest trends

The city of Regina, being the capital of the province, has a number of pest problems that other cities and smaller towns might not. Given the four seasons, there are different pests based on the temperature and types of weather that Saskatchewan is experiencing.

For example, during the warmer months, flies, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and other insects are often a problem. We can find ways to get rid of them and find how they are getting inside to prevent them from returning. During the colder month rats get inside and devour food, chew wires, cause property damage and bring health risks.

If you are seeing signs of pests around your home or offices, then it's time to bring our highly trained pest control specialists out to inspect the property. We'll find the nets, get rid of the bests and offer solutions to prevent them going forward.

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