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We understand that you have zero tolerance for pests.

Every year, pests cause enormous economic loss in the pharmaceutical industry. Contamination of pharmaceutical raw materials, medicines and medical devices not only destroys the affected goods and causes production losses, but also results in a devastating loss of customer trust.

Rentokil Steritech’s unrivalled reputation for protecting high dependency manufacturing sites means we can provide the most effective pest control to ensure the comprehensive and professional protection of all your pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Rentokil Steritech's pest control solutions for pharmaceuticals

At Rentokil Steritech, we have an expert team devoted to our pharmaceutical clients. They are High Dependency Technicians, Field Biologists, QA Managers and Technical Managers who are experts in, and devoted to, the pharmaceutical sector. Our accumulated knowledge of maintaining the levels of protection required by our clients means that our skills, expertise and solutions are unmatched across Canada and the world.

Specialized services available through Rentokil Steritech include:

Why Rentokil Steritech?

Rentokil Steritech invests heavily in a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to maintain ‘zero tolerance’ pest control standards for your pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Our dedicated high dependency teams are backed by the Rentokil Steritech reputation, hard-earned by working with Canada's biggest pharmaceutical brands.

Our nationwide coverage allows means we can provide seamless management of multi-site customers with a single point of contact, consolidated reporting, tailored programs and combined invoicing.

Free site inspection

Sign up for a unique and extensive inspection today with one of our pest control experts. We will identify vulnerabilities in your pharmacy or pharmaceutical facility and operating processes that places you at risk of pests.

Schedule your FREE site inspection today by calling Rentokil Steritech at 1-877-690-2115 or filling in our online form.

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