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The functionality you expect

PestNetOnline has an extensive range of online tools and functions. Listed below are PestNetOnline’s key features.

Accurate, detailed records of pest activity

Your PestNetOnline report identifies detected pest species, locations with high levels of activity, and site plans with complete activity history. You get instant access to key information with a pre-populated personalized dashboard, by single or multiple locations, for all your business needs. From your dashboard you can view site summaries, manage recommendations and pest activity, and setup proactive email alerts for recommendations.

Recommendations to help improve your pest management program

Communication and teamwork are essential elements in an effective pest management program. PestNetOnline helps you proactively manage improvements to your program by monitoring recommendations from the technician designated as unactioned, pending, or closed, and allows you to provide feedback at each stage.

Interactive site plans to demonstrate your pest management coverage

Site plans show all the devices and inspection points throughout your site, graphically displaying your defenses against pest infestations. Our interactive site plans highlight areas with a history of activity and assist with identifying areas at risk.

Complete activity history in a dashboard view for single or multiple sites

Complete activity history in a dashboard view for single or multiple sites

Customized charts assist you in identifying pest trends

Knowing your pest management risk is the first step in preventing pest problems. View, monitor, and report on pest activity and recommendations. See how improvements in operational processes have impacted pest activity versus the same period previously. Email reports to any email address and extract key information for more detailed analysis.

Reports that deliver data directly to your inbox

Choose from different report types, which can be tailored to your specifications — pest activity, recommendations, visits, and material usage. Reports are automatically generated and emailed directly to your inbox. You can also schedule exports to be run at intervals of daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the most critical details impacting your account.

Multi-site tools to help you manage your entire pest control program

PestNetOnline offers tools that identify each registered site in your program with pest problems or recommendations. These tools include the “Sites” function which displays a summary of the current status of your entire pest control program across your property portfolio.

Comprehensive trend analysis of pest activity

Comprehensive trend analysis of pest activity

Proof of service

The Proof of Service Report captures all visit details a technician records during his visit. This document will either be printed and provided to you, or emailed directly to your inbox. PestNetOnline also captures the same Proof of Service Report for review online along with all other pest activity, recommendations, and material usage.

Access information on pest activity 24/7

Whether in the office or on the move access PestNetOnline when you need it. Using the lite smartphone app you can make changes to recommendations when on the move, view pest activity in the last 90 days (listed by site and visit date), view individual site locations including preparations used, set-up email alerts on open recommendations, and more.