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As much as some people detest spiders or cockroaches, they seem to hold a special fear of bed bugs - and it makes sense why. A bed bug could be feeding on you as you snooze and you may not even know it’s happening. In Ottawa, bed bugs are widespread, partially due to tourism activity and the size of the city where many people reside. When people move from place to place, they can take bed bugs along. These issues underscore the necessity of proper bed bug control in the capital city. If you spot signs of bed bugs, the first step you should take is contacting a bed bug expert such as Rentokil Steritech to fix any problems.

We do not advise getting rid of bed bugs by yourself, as they are difficult to remove. Instead, simply call us at 613-244-9170 or contact us online to set up a time for a bed bug inspection. It is important to reach out as soon as you see any red flags, before a problem becomes more serious. A Rentokil Steritech specialist will be able to check out your property, identify any issues and treat your premises. Your specialist will be friendly, helpful and respectful.

Do you have bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites can be frightening because bed bugs feed on you while you are sleeping and you cannot do much to hinder their feeding. Although this scenario is never ideal, bed bugs have not been proven to spread disease organisms. You may, however, get an allergic reaction to bed bug bites - or you may not react at all.

If you ever experience alarming symptoms after bed bug bites in Ottawa (or any other pest bites for that matter), get medical attention right away.

Identifying bed bugs

If there’s one point you should remember, it’s that bed bugs can be hard to see due to their small size. Actually, adults grow up to ¼ inch long. Bed bugs are colored reddish-brown and their eggs are oval-shaped and white in color. It takes about 6 to 10 days for eggs to hatch.

What’s one tricky thing about bed bugs? They are inclined to stay hidden and typically do not feed until it’s night (which is not so helpful if you’re trying to spot them). It’s possible, however, to look for some signs of bed bugs, such as bed bug eggs, fecal spots and bed bug skins. Be alert for bed bugs and evidence that they might be around, especially if you are in a hotel room.

If you see an insect crawling around your premises, do not immediately assume it is a bed bug, as it may just be a similar-looking insect. Still, if you suspect it’s a bed bug, definitely contact a pest expert, as they will be able to pinpoint whether or not it is a bed bug.

Ottawa property owners: where to look for bed bugs

Bed bugs do not enter properties in just one way. Bed bugs can come into your business or home by riding on furniture or luggage, for example. Also, with all the people in Ottawa, it’s possible for some individuals to carry bed bugs with them as they move to a new apartment building if the previous building was infested.

It’s best to be proactive and try to prevent bed bugs before they enter your structure. Remember to survey your luggage to look for bed bugs when you return from traveling, and do not bring furniture into your building without first checking for these pests. And although you may be tempted to take furniture from the side of the road, refrain from that - it could lead to a bed bug infestation. We know you’ll need to exert a little extra effort to check for bed bugs, but it’s always better to identify a problem early before it becomes more severe.

Experts in Ottawa bed bug control

The frightening fact is, an infestation of bed bugs might not be identified until many bed bugs are already present. Additionally, once bed bugs have infested one room in a building, they can also head to other rooms as well. So, we know the real question you’ll have is: How do you get rid of bed bugs, anyway?

If you even think you might have bed bugs, it’s best to contact a bed bug expert, just to be safe. Our specialists know how to inspect for bed bugs and can identify any problems that require bed bug control. We will treat your property so we bed bugs are eliminated. Get in touch with the bed bug experts by contacting us today!

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