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The Rentokil Steritech Pest Control team in Ottawa, ON is dedicated to meeting the pest needs of homeowners and businesses in Canada's capital city. We have been proudly serving pest control customers in Ottawa for over 25 years. Our licensed pest control specialists provide us with excellent coverage of the Greater Ottawa Region, including cities like:

  • Cornwall
  • Kingston
  • Brockville
  • Belleville
  • And many more surrounding towns and cities

Whether you're experiencing an ongoing pest issue or interested in preventive measures, Rentokil Steritech will take the same professional and courteous approach to treating your property.

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Shawn Gauvin

Service Centre Manager for Ottawa Pest Control
"I have been in the pest control industry for nearly 15 years. Our colleagues are committed to one another which enables our team to deliver the highest level of service. Our Technicians go above and beyond to resolve client issues."

Year Round Protection...

Keep your home guarded from pests throughout the year by signing up for Rentokil Steritech's Year Round Protection plan. Consistent monitoring is the best way to keep pests from infesting your home. Once you sign up for our program, your local experts at Rentokil Steritech will inspect your home on a regular basis and provide necessary treatments.

Licensed Ottawa exterminator services

Our licensed specialists in Ottawa have 75 years of combined experience solving pest problems in the local area. To maintain their expertise and pest knowledge, all Rentokil Steritech specialists attend monthly training seminars. Our experts provide pest control for both commercial businesses and homes and know how to deal with a wide diversity of pest problems. For businesses in Ottawa, responding quickly to a pest infestation can enhance your brand’s reputation and we can help you do just that, no matter if you operate a restaurant or a school.

Your local pest control experts in Ottawa

When you contact Rentokil Steritech for pest control services in Ottawa, a specialist will undertake an inspection to understand your pest issue better and see where pests might be coming from. After that, we will implement the appropriate treatment. Your skilled specialist can help you understand how to prevent another infestation, too. Our experts are dependable pest professionals who will do all they can to eliminate pests. We are here for you and you can rely on us to handle your situation in a responsible manner.

Question & answer

What are common pests in Ottawa?

You’ll find both mammal and insect pests in Ottawa - rats, mice, ants, bed bugs and cockroaches are frequently found in the capital. Each of these pests can create problems at your property, whether that’s rats and mice gnawing on objects, bed bugs creating a public relations issue, or cockroaches producing allergens. None of these pests bring good news, but Rentokil Steritech treats all of these pests and can help you eliminate them. All you need to do is contact us to let us know more about the problem.

How can I prevent a pest infestation?

Obviously, it’s never ideal for pests to invade your property. Stay ahead of the game by stopping them from entering with the following tips:

  • If your structure contains openings where pests may be able to squeeze through, caulk those openings. Additionally, put screens on your windows if any are missing.
  • Throw your garbage into containers that animals and insects are unable to open.
  • Keep firewood farther away from your structure. Carpenter ants, mice and rats can make the wood a site of harborage.
  • Keep up with cutting the grass and prevent plants from getting in close proximity to the building.

How can I get rid of rats?

Rats may scare you a lot, but you should be prepared for them because they are often found in Ottawa. As alarming as rat appearance may seem, these pests can bring worse problems than simple inconvenience. Rats can transmit disease, their chewing can harm items, and they can cause loss of food due to their eating activity. To avoid a rat problem becoming more serious, contact a rat control expert as soon as you can. Rentokil Steritech specialists are thoroughly equipped to handle rat issues. We are also willing to visit your Ottawa property multiple times to make sure the infestation is gone.

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