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Chipmunk control

Don’t let their undeniable cuteness fool you - chipmunks are very common nuisance pests that are responsible for causing many problems for Canadian homeowners. Professional chipmunk removal services can be warranted in homes or businesses when chipmunks have burrowed in large numbers within structures.

Chipmunk infestations can potentially weaken a property’s foundations, porches, stairs, patios and more - resulting in the property owner spending costly sums to fix the damage.

Additionally, chipmunks are also known to damage landscaping and gardens, feeding on ornamental flowers, fruits and vegetables. Bird Feeders also commonly attract chipmunks if they can be accessed easily.

Although incidents are rare, chipmunks are capable of spreading disease to humans. Diseases that can be transmitted by chipmunks both directly and indirectly, include:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Colorado Tick Fever
  • Relapsing Fever 
  • California encephalitis 
  • Plague

Rentokil Steritech's chipmunk removal services

Do you have a chipmunk infestation in your home or business? Contact Rentokil Steritech today to learn about our highly-trusted chipmunk removal services. Removing chipmunks from your porch, attic or walls can be an extremely difficult undertaking without the right tools and professional expertise.

All Rentokil Steritech Technicians performing wildlife management services for nuisance animals such as opossum, squirrels and raccoons are certified and follow all provincal and local regulations. Rentokil Steritech Technicians receive specialized training on how to perform effective and humane chipmunk removal.

In addition to baiting and trapping solutions, your dedicated Rentokil Steritech Technician will make recommendations to customers that will help them avoid future problems with local wildlife.

If you would like to learn more about removing chipmunks from your property, contact us online or call 1-877-690-2115.

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