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How To Prevent Moths

It can be difficult to prevent moths, but there are practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of an infestation.

Try if you can to deny them access indoors, to help protect your clothing and other delicate items from moth damage.

Moth repellents and other DIY products are available to try and control a small problem on your own.

To guarantee complete control of a large and repeat infestation, professional treatment is the best option.

Moth Prevention Tips

Preventing moths in your home or business must always include ways to deny them entry indoors. Once inside moths will lay eggs in dark and rarely disturbed areas such as wardrobes or cupboards, where clothes or other textiles are stored and could be damaged.

  • Use fly screens - or draw curtains at night to prevent moths entering your home through doors and windows.
  • Vacuum regularly - ensure hidden areas such as under large furniture or sofas are regularly vacuumed, to try and remove moth eggs before they hatch.
  • Keep stored textiles in sealed bags - if you plan to store textiles for a long period of time, keep them in sealed plastic bags or suitcases to prevent moth’s access to lay eggs.
  • Clean clothes - moths are attracted to dirty or soiled garments, so always clean clothes thoroughly before storing them.

High Risk Areas For Moth Infestations

High risk areas around your property, which are known to attract various moth species should be regularly inspected as part of an active prevention plan.
  • Underneath beds - especially in little used spare rooms.

  • Infrequently used cupboards, drawers and wardrobes - Clothes Moths do not like light so are frequently attracted to darker areas which are usually undisturbed.

  • Lofts and Attics - moths can be attracted to bird nests in eaves of homes.

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