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How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

What should I do if I have mosquitoes? The most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to arrange specialized treatments by fully licensed pest control professionals.

With growing concerns about mosquito diseases such as West Nile Virus (WNV), effective mosquito control services are becoming increasingly important.

Dumping out any standing water outside of the home is the main recommendation to homeowners as mosquitoes rely on and need water to breed.

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Professional Mosquito Services from Rentokil Steritech

At Rentokil Steritech, our mosquito experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge of the habits and lifecycle of mosquitoes. Our industry approved training enables us to treat and get rid of mosquitoes as effectively as possible, helping to avoid painful bites.

Effective methods include the use of products that can control the winged adult mosquitoes and can also eliminate mosquito larvae before they have a chance to develop into adults.

We do not carry out treatment indoors as mosquitoes do not breed indoors. They are reliant on water, which they will often too easily find in your backyard.

Remember: Mosquitoes will breed in any container holding as little as just a cup of water!

Seasonal-long Mosquito Control

We can create a mosquito-free barrier around your property, as part of our mosquito prevention services. This program targets adult mosquitoes around a home. During the day, mosquitoes can rest on the vertical side of buildings or within low-lying vegetation.

Through the application of liquid pesticides to perimeter vegetation, ornamentals and mulch areas, we are able to target adult mosquitoes that will come into contact with these treated areas when they land to rest.

Vegetation Treatment

Using a power sprayer or mist blower (depending on state regulations and license categories), we apply mosquito adulticide to low-lying vegetation.

This method will eliminate mosquitoes on contact and after they land on treated surfaces. The adulticide will continue to repel mosquitoes for several weeks after application.

Mosquito Surveillance

Our mosquito control professionals routinely assist local health municipalities by sharing information about the numbers and kinds of mosquitoes in a local area. This helps local municipalities determine where they should be concentrating their mosquito control efforts in residential areas.

Mosquito Larviciding

This treatment targets mosquito larvae and pupae residing in smaller bodies of water. Ideal for use in seasonal pools / puddles, retention ponds, roadside ditches, swampy areas, abandoned swimming pools and water-filled depressions in yards or pastures.

The types of larvicide available to use by professionals:

  • Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) - a naturally occurring bacteria that specifically targets mosquito larvae (mosquito dunk). It produces a toxin when consumed. Other aquatic insects, like caddisflies and dragonfly naiads are not affected by BT. This method is less effective in very murky water with high levels of organic material.

  • Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) - block development of mosquitoes to the adult stage. These materials come in a time release block or granule, and when wet, slowly dissolve to release the IGR.

  • Monomolecular film oils - biodegradable oil targets larvae and pupae. This is the best environmentally friendly option, because the actives are naturally-occurring and are highly specific to target mosquitoes.

If larvicide products are applied according to the label, and the treated water is not used for drinking water - there is little risk to human and pet health. As a rule, we do not apply larvicide to water that contains fish or that leads to waterways.

Your pest control professional will determine the type of larvicide to use after a thorough inspection / environmental assessment.

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