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Ant Control in Halifax

Make no mistake: It’s frustrating to see ants entering your building. Ants are a common pest in Halifax and can become very aggravating. Even more importantly, certain ants can produce negative consequences, such as food contamination or wood damage. Ants could also result in problems at your commercial property - whether it’s a food-processing facility or hospital - causing a loss of customer respect. That’s why Rentokil Steritech specialists are here to provide expert ant control services that address the problem and ensure the ants are removed.

Ants you may come across in Halifax include:

Rentokil Steritech can help you get rid of ants at your building. Read more about some of these ants below, and reach out to us as soon as possible if you think you have an ant infestation. We know you want to eliminate ants and we are here to support your ant control needs!

Pharaoh ants in Halifax

The Pharaoh ant is one ant you could find in at your Halifax premises. Pharaoh ant workers are small - about 1/16 inch in length and pale in color (may be yellowish or reddish) and the abdomen is frequently darker. Queen Pharaoh ants are about ⅛ inch long and a little darker-colored compared to worker ants. Male Pharaoh ants are about 1/16 inch and black.

Pharaoh ants can have sizable colonies containing thousands of workers. Members of this ant species are not known as swarmers; rather, they mate in their nest. They occupy nests in humid, warm places close to where they can get food or water. These little ants can be found indoors in temperate areas. Pharaoh ants may consume different kinds of foods, such as sweet foods.

Types of Halifax ants

Another ant commonly encountered in Halifax is the pavement ant. This type of ant is small (workers are about 1/16 to ⅛ inch in length) and queen pavement ants are about ¼ inch long. Pavement ants are light brown to black in color. Their colonies occupy nests in soil or other places. Pavement ants can actually create sand piles on your patio or the sidewalk, which is not very attractive.

Carpenter ants are also located in Halifax. Carpenter ant workers range from ⅛ inch to ½ inch - so they are quite big - and queen carpenter ants are ½ to ⅝ inch in length. Although termites consume wood, carpenter ants do not; rather, they create tunnels in wood, which can harm structures. Their nests may be located in decaying wood or in places such as walls.

Seeing tiny black ants at your home or business in Halifax? They could also be little black ants, which are dark brown to black in color and around 1/16 inch in length. Little black ant colonies have multiple queens. Little black ant nests can be located beneath items like stones and wood as well as in lawn soil.

You may also encounter the Allegheny mound ant in Halifax; this ant type creates mounds and does not come into structures. The ants actually dig burrows and also can harm plants close to their mound with formic acid. They can also kill grass if they settle in lawns. One or more queens can live in a colony. Worker Allegheny mound ants are ⅛ to ¼ inch in length and queens of this species are ⅜ to ½ inch.

Ant control services in Halifax

If you have begun to see an abundance of ants appearing around your building in Halifax, get in touch with an ant control expert right away. A good pest control professional will have knowledge of ant habits. You may be feeling overwhelmed when an infestation occurs, but do not get too concerned, because you will be in good hands with Rentokil Steritech.

When you contact us, a specialist will come to your premises and complete an inspection. We will ask you questions to better understand where the nest might be or to identify the source of the ant infestation. Ants are likely to find available food in places such as kitchens and food storage.

Additionally, we will seek to identify the type of ant, which will help us determine the best method of treatment so we can make sure the problem gets resolved. A specialist will be able to treat your property in a way that caters to the species affecting the building. If you have an ant infestation, do not hesitate to contact the Rentokil Steritech experts online or call 902-835-2304.

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