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Container Fumigation

Container fumigation is the treatment of a commodity or the container itself to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the country or state.

A container normally comes in two sizes:

  • 6m and 12m containers (although you can also get 3m, 13.7m containers as well as what is called a “High Cube”).
  • Most containers are 2.62m high where as a “High Cube” is 2.93m high.

Container Fumigation Solutions

Tarped fumigation is the primary way Rentokil Steritech fumigates containers. The container is covered with a gas proof fumigation tarp and sand snaked around all of the edges to achieve and maintain a gas seal.There are two main ways to fumigate containers:

  • Pressure Decay - Pressure decay fumigation involves the pressure testing of the container to a value. If the container can maintain that value for time duration then the container is classified as “Gas Tight” and therefore may be fumigated without being covered with a tarp to provide a seal for fumigation.
  • Tarped Fumigation - Tarped fumigation is when no pressure decay is used or the container fails pressure decay.

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