Small Flies


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Small Flies

Small flies are sometimes referred to as nuisance flies, and if you find them around your business then you could have a problem. That's because small flies usually start breeding and cause an infestation in places that are unsanitary. Plus, small flies can become a real problem when they start flying around your customers or get noticed by them. Your reputation is at stake and small flies can put a real dent in that, unless taken care of fast.

Rentokil Steritech Steritech has been helping businesses deal with nuisance flies for years and we can help you track down the location and source of the infestation. We can remove them and help you prevent them from returning.

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Types of Small Flies

There are mainly three types of small flies that are the most common in businesses across North America and Canada. These include:

  • Drain Flies - small flies with wings in a V-shape that make their home in sink drains and are most often found in bathrooms and other areas with drains in them. They are most often associated with sewage beds and their larvae feed on the sludge found in sewers.

  • Phorid Fly - these small flies resemble fruit flies and are small, hump-backed looking flies with the habit of running away using their legs to escape predators rather than flying. Phorid flies are also sometimes known as sewer flies and often confused with gnats. They prefer to eat decaying matter and like to lay their eggs there, too.

  • Fruit Fly - small flies with either dark or red eyes. At one time red eyed fruit flies were dominant, but these days more and more black-eyed fruit flies are showing up. Fruit flies like to eat decaying fruit and an infestation of them can indicate rotting fruit and vegetable matter. They are common in restaurants, bars and pubs.

Small Fly Prevention

Small flies like to breed and eat decaying material. One of the best things that you can do is make sure that trash does not pile up and is taken out. Make sure that drains are cleaned, sewers are functioning properly and that the garbage dumpsters and bins are far enough away from the doors into the building.

A small fly infestation takes professional work and care to remove the breeding sites and find solutions that will prevent them from returning. The professionals at Rentokil Steritech can help find the source of the problem and eliminate the infestation and provide education and methods that will prevent them from returning.

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We have years of experience in helping businesses resolve small fly infestation problems and prevent them from returning. We are experts in nuisance flies of all species and offer solutions that will work with your employees and your business.

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