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Rentokil Steritech Drain Line Services

It's probably not something you think about, but if you find insects flying around your kitchen, there might be a problem with your drains. Think about the things that get down into those drains: grease, fat, food, oils and other substances. They can build up and slow things down or bring about pest infestations.

Rentokil Steritech has pest control technicians who are experts in a process sometimes referred to as bioremediation that involve injecting live microorganisms into a drain line that will digest the fat, grease, food and oil and turn it into a non-toxic or less-toxic substance. It's an effective and environmentally friendly way of clearing out the drains and pipes and stop pests.

Problems with Drains

There are many types of problems that can develop from the drains in the floors or the sinks around your kitchen. These include:

  • Odours - substances that get down into your drain can rot and become filled with bacteria that, in turn, releases foul odours.
  • Slow drains - grease and other substances gum up the works and line the sides of the pipes that can cause the drains to move slowly and water can backup. This can bring even more pests, and if the water overflows, it can cause property damage.
  • Drain flies - certain flies like drain flies or small house flies love to come in via kitchen drains.

Drain Cleaning Methods

Rentokil Steritech offers several different options for drain cleaning, depending on your property and the infestation. These include:

  • Full service - we inject microorganisms for both kitchen drains and the drains in the floor of your kitchen as well as around beverage service areas. We also monitor the situation to ensure that the pests and blockages have been removed.
  • Main line injection - we just service the main line leading away from your kitchen, generally through the kitchen sink.
  • Floor drains and beverage sites - get rid of blockages from the drains in the floor or the drains leading from the beverage areas.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning Services

A business that has flies odours or other drain problems is unpleasant and can be perceived as unsanitary. We provide our drain cleaning services in order to:

  • Remove odours
  • Stop flies and other insects
  • Keep the drains flowing properly
  • Be environmentally friendly

We have been doing drain line services for decades. Our experts are ready to talk to you about the drain line problems that your business or home has and then find the right solution to treat it.

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