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Electric Bird Deterrents

Rentokil Steritech’s electric bird deterrent, called Bird Jolt Flat Track, is a cost-effective and discreet solution to keep pest birds away.

The system can be used as a deterrent on any flat surface to completely exclude birds and prevent damage to your property. It is ideal for use on parapets, roof peaks, beams, ledges etc.

Benefits of Electronic Bird Deterrents

Our deterrent offers peace of mind by providing a complete and reliable bird control solution for your business.

  • Humane - the intermittent shock is painful, but it does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away, long term.

  • Flexible - conforms to any surface shape.

  • Virtually invisible - only 6mm high and available in a variety of colors to match the structure. Bird Jolt Flat Track is hard to notice close up and virtually invisible from the distance.

  • Long-lasting - made from stabilized PVC and stainless steel.

How it Works

  • A charger sends out a harmless yet noticeable pulse down the ‘track’ every two to three seconds. 
  • This electric pulse lasts only a fraction of a second. 
  • The birds are not harmed, but they do learn that the protected surface is to be avoided in the future.

Worried about a bird infestation? Want to get rid of birds for good?

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