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Carpenter Ants Damage

Carpenter ants are known to cause the most damage of all the different species of ants that commonly infest structures. Typically black in color, these relentless insects will threaten the structural stability of homes by digging into wood to build their nests. 

The amount of damage a carpenter ant infestation can inflict on a property can vary. If a colony has been actively infesting a property for a long period of time, the structural damage can be very extensive. That's why it's crucial to have infestations treated as quickly as possible by a licensed professional. 

What Does Carpenter Ant Damage Look Like?

Carpenter Ant Galleries

Carpenter Ant Wood Galleries

One sign of carpenter ant damage is the appearance of small, circular galleries on the surface of the wood. The worker carpenter ants will excavate sawdust-like debris around or below the exit holes. Inside the galleries will appear smooth and free of debris. 

What Attracts Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter Ant Water Damage

Water Damage

Carpenter ant damage will often be found in homes in places where water and wood interact to cause rotting, making it attractive to carpenter ants for nesting. Sometimes these areas can be identified by discolored water stained wood, paneling, drywall or ceiling tile.


Drawn to moisture, colonies of carpenter ants will infiltrate homes and build nests in wood near:  

  • Windows
  • Doorframes
  • Attics
  • Chimneys
  • Bathtubs
  • Any other area in your home with damaged or waterlogged wood

Carpenter Ant Treatment Solutions  

Dust Material Application
In many situations the use a dust material will be used to find and eliminate nests of carpenter ants in the interior of a home.  A pesticidal dust bulb and extension can reach into void areas and, when properly applied, the dust will float and thoroughly cover the hidden areas where carpenter ants can hide within a structure.  

Dust material treatments will be applied from the inside and will be followed up by a treatment from the outside. The two-fold approach helps to ensure that no hidden areas where nests may exist are overlooked.  

Perimeter Treatments
A treatment using non-repellent materials will be applied to the perimeter, focusing in on trails of carpenter ants that have been identified and problem areas where trails can potentially appear. The treatment can extend from the ground to any parts of the home’s exterior that the insects could use to enter the property.

The technician will also apply the treatment to any cracks in the home’s foundation by which carpenter ants and many other insects frequently use to enter residences.

Carpenter Ant Nest Treatments
Nest and barrier treatments are another component of Rentokil Steritech’s carpenter ant control solutions. It is crucial that all nests are detected and treated in order to rid the home of all ongoing carpenter ant treatments. It can often be very difficult to spot carpenter ant nests without a trained eye and the right equipment. That’s why it is crucial to contact pest control professionals in the instance that your home faces a carpenter ant problem.

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