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About Rentokil Steritech

Two of Canada’s leading pest control companies, Rentokil and Steritech became one company in 2015, forming Rentokil Steritech, the North American division of Rentokil Initial plc, a British organization, and one of the largest business services companies in the world, operating in over 60 countries.

The Steritech Group, a high quality provider of pest control services with a national footprint in both Canada and the U.S. was acquired by Rentokil Initial in October 2015. Upon the completion of the acquisition, Rentokil Steritech became the third largest pest control company in Canada, creating a competitive national business and doubling the size of Rentokil Initial’s previous Canadian operations.

“For some time we have been pursuing a growth strategy in North America, the world’s largest pest control market, with Steritech at the top of our target list. It has an outstanding management team with a proven track record and a reputation founded on technical expertise and a premium service, similar to ours. The deal is in line with our growth strategy and will be transformational for Rentokil in North America.”
Andy Ransom, Chief Executive of Rentokil Initial plc

Pest Control Solutions in Canada

Rentokil Steritech is a full service pest control company serving both commercial and residential pest control customers.

With a national network of pest control technicians located across Canada, Rentokil Steritech offers customers local expertise and innovative solutions. Wherever you may be in Canada, it’s good to know that a Rentokil Steritech technician is never more than a few kilometres away.

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Rentokil History

Rentokil has proudly been serving pest control customers in Canada since 1987. Starting out as a small operation, Rentokil quickly started to grow thanks to the reliable services our Technicians provided.

In all our years of operation we have never stopped learning - amassing an unrivalled store of pest control expertise and managing to stay one jump ahead of the latest pests by developing our products and services faster than the pests evolve.

Rentokil Pest Control has earned a reputation in Canada for full service pest solutions delivered through cutting edge technology and uncompromising quality.

Steritech History

Steritech was founded in 1986 by John Whitley as a company committed to pest prevention. From the inception, Steritech offered customers advanced pest services, highly trained service specialists and innovative solutions that reduced the environmental impact of indiscriminate pesticide usage.

In 1995, Steritech expanded its services offerings into sanitation audits which evolved into the industry-leading food safety and quality assurance programs the company is well known for today.

In 1999, Steritech expanded to Canada bringing their pest prevention division into the international marketplace. Over the next decade, Steritech would earn a distinction in Canada as premier provider of brand protection services.

As a market leader in both Canada and the United States, Steritech became a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brands in a wide breadth of industries.

In 2015, Steritech joined the Rentokil family of companies to expand our ability to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rentokil Steritech prides itself on its commitment to our local communities, local businesses and the environment.

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to the way we do business and we've developed a full range of environmental pest control, health and safety, employee and customer relations policies to make clear exactly where we stand.

We support these Good Practice Procedures through an extensive set of good practice guidelines that cover everything from health and safety on customer premises, to the fundamentals of environmental pest control, to using water wisely.

Everyone at Rentokil Steritech, from Service Technicians out in the field to senior management in the boardroom, demonstrates a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental pest control by putting our good practice guidelines into action on a daily basis.

Our Brands

Learn about the trusted regional brands that are now a part of Rentokil Steritech in Canada.